Solar Installation and Consulting

Solar Panel Installations can be done on the roof of your home or the ground depending on your situation. If you think that your house is well stationed for installation of solar panels, give us a call today. We are in our Fairfield office 5 days a week, feel free to call us any time.

The good thing about installing solar in your home is that you are not only doing your wallet some good by saving yourself from paying those hefty energy bills, but you are also doing the environment a very good turn. At Golden State Comfort, we would like to express our gratitude for the noble act you have decided to undertake. Clean energy is the way to go. It is great, and you can also get some rebates from the government for it.

Do you know whether solar energy is good for you?

That is why we are here, to consult with you and advice you appropriately on what requirements you need to meet. Are you required to register with the authorities? How do you include the solar energy in your main grid, what do you need to buy to have your solar system up and running? These are just a few of the most important questions that you need to answer before you can go buying a solar panel.

If you live in Benicia, we are there for you. Just give us a call, visit us or email us, and we will get ready for you. You see, there are many dynamics involved in solar installation, including deciding the site, the size of the panels, the wiring, the batteries and so on. You need to do enough due diligence before you can install solar and enjoy the cleanest green energy that we get free of charge from Mother Nature.

The state of California receives a lot of sunshine every year. Now, suppose you can tap some of that sunshine and use it. How much would you save in the amount of money that you spend on your bills. Quite a lot, no? That is why you need to consult the expert team of solar installation technicians at Golden State Comfort. Whether you know what you need, whether you just have an idea about what you need, or you totally do not know what you need, come speak to us. We know what you need and we will help you get it up and running.

We will send a technician to your home to do a survey, so that we can advice you appropriately whether to install your solar panels on the ground or on the roof.  Then, we will give you a quotation for the entire job and the time required for the job. This team has a combined experience in solar installation of more than 100 years. We know what you need; we will help you get it.

Solar installation is a complex process that could fail to meet your expectations if it is not done by experts. From designing the solar system for your home to the actual installation, we will involve you every step of the way. Call us for solar installation and consultation in Fairfield, Vacaville or Benicia.

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