Off Season Air Conditioner Inspections

Golden State Comfort Air Conditioning Inspection Fairfield CA

It's not easy to put much thought into your air conditioning system while its the middle of winter, or even more so, freezing outside.  This, however, is the best time to think about the inspection and maintenance so you can plan ahead before you get caught off guard.  

Not only is planning ahead a great way to live and ensure a comfortable home but its also cost effective too.  If you have a heater inspection and or service, it makes sense to have a Golden State Comfort Systems specialist inspect both units at once.  One trip out means lower prices as well as a more content state of mind.

While the cold days and nights have many options for a non-working heater, there really isn't an alternative for a non-operative cooling system.  If your heater is out, temporarily adding more layers, jackets, bedding, and building a fire, this is not going to work in the opposite if your AC goes out and its scorching out, as it is often in our area of the country.  

Your safest bet is to contact Golden State Comfort Systems today to make sure everything is in great working order.

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