Residential Heating Installation, Inspection and Repairs

When it comes to heating, choose Golden State Comfort. Our special team of technicians is trained to work on all heaters and furnaces. This could be a hot water coil on your PTAC wall unit, a heat pump system, or a furnace.

California is large and you need to know from where to hire your technicians so that you save money. Most homeowners lose money by hiring technicians from far away and then the travel costs, the fuel charges and so on are transferred to them. It is important that you hire a team that is close to your home and that way, there will be no fuel charges. The good thing is that if you live in Fairfield, we will be there for you. Golden State Comfort believes in you and has got your back.

Do you know what is wrong with your heating system?

If you are visiting our website, either of these two scenarios describes your needs perfectly. One, maybe you are looking for a repair person because you know what you need, or maybe you are looking for a repair person who can diagnose and troubleshoot your heating system to tell you what is wrong and how it can be fixed. Well at Golden State Comfort, we are well versed in all matters heating system and we will make sure that by the time we are done, it’s going to be working as good as new.

Maybe you need a new heating system

Well, the general rule of the thumb is that if your heating system is more than 10 years old, repairs will be wasted. At Golden State Comfort, we will advice you appropriately. It would be much better to get a new heating system that is not only energy efficient, but is eco-friendly and is built to help you save money on energy bills. When it comes to electronics and electrical appliances, the older they are, the more energy they consume and that is why your bills are hitting the roof.

Should you need a new system installed, we will do the math for you, give you a quotation and once you give us the go ahead, the experienced team of Golden State Comfort technicians will do the job for your fast and efficiently. Sometimes, it is just not worth it to do repairs because you will have to keep doing them on a depleted system. Come to us, we will help you know what you need.

When you do not know what you need

Then there are those times when your heating system acts up and you cannot tell what is wrong. Come to us, we will send a technician to your home in Vacaville or Benicia to find out what is wrong. You see, we do not only look forward to doing some work for you and billing you for the same, but we believe that it is our duty to advice you.

Where do you live? Golden State Comfort is just an email or a telephone call away. Call us today and we will come to your assistance.

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